Secret ways to win in toon blast game


Playing games like toon blast can make your day. You can forget about the stress and burden of routine life.

There are amazing things to do which can make your life full of thrill and adventure. Amazing cartoon characters are presented in a very beautiful way. There is no doubt that you can easily start playing this game because of its friendly user interface but you can also make it challenging as per your taste and preference.

The best part is that you can also sync this game between your phone and tablet.

Toon blast is a real-time game and there are some amazing things that you can do in it like giving and receiving lives from the other teammates. This way you will be able to survive for a long period of time.

There are lots of other games available as well but you will not find such amazing options in them. It is also divided into different levels and in order to win, you are supposed to cross its different levels efficiently. If you are looking for toon blast hack then you can check it out at no survey no human verification web source.

Basic information about the gameplay

For crossing every level there are beautiful rewards given in toon blast game. The player can also collect stars to make this game more interesting. Gaming currency is also a very nice aspect of this. Coins are the most important gaming currency that you can earn by doing various tasks.

The great news is that now toon blast hack no survey is also available which you can gain the unlimited supply of coins to keep the game entertaining. The player can also unlock the booster to fasten the process of crossing the levels.

There is no doubt that solving the different types of puzzles is the great thing that you can do. There are several episodes available which make this game dynamic and you can easily spend some time on this game.  The game is so interesting that millions of players have already chosen it. Every game has some secret gaming tips and tricks by which you can have lots of fun and win every time.

Here we are going to explain about some of those tricks for you.

How Boosters Works

Unlocking the booster is the very important to move to next level fast. Without unlocking them it will be very difficult for you. For this, you will have to get some of the star chest or toon chest.

So, spend them wisely at the time of crossing the levels. Only in the extremely useful conditions, you can use them when you are just a few steps away from the crossing levels.


Moving ahead is necessary in the game

You can stay static and gain rewards. In order to have access to many amazing options like star chest or toon chest, you must keep moving to the advanced levels of the game. Without reaching there you may not be able to make the collection of start and gain boosters.

So, you should put all your efforts to reach level 15 as soon as possible. This way you will be able to unlock the start chest. You can also collect nearly 20 stars here to unlock the star chest and fasten the process of the gain good score and cross more levels.

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Perfect combos

You should not rush towards matching the block. It is better to have a glance towards the board first.  This way you will get a chance to study about some small clusters which can be group together. There is no doubt for this you will have to clear few blocks.

This method is much better than solving the puzzles randomly. It is better to make more and more combinations. There is a great benefit of doing this because you will be able to get a very special block by doing this.

So, whenever, you are playing this game, make sure that you are making more combos for a better scorecard and more rewards. The best thing is that some cheats are also available online which can give your amazing things.

Other things to clear the board fast

We have already mentioned that you can clear the board fast by making the combinations but there are many other items available in toon blast game which you can take into your consideration of this task. Yes, when you are able to make the combination of five blocks of the same colors, a rocket will appear there. You will be able to clear the entire row with the help of this amazing rocket. In order to gain a bomb, you can make a combination of six blocks. This bomb will clear the area of 3x3 on the board.

These tips are amazing and you will be able to make the game more entertaining by this. In order to have more fun, you can also take toon blast hack tool in your consideration.