How to Get Free Coins Cash in Jurassic World Alive Game?


Some individuals are facing lots of confusion when it comes to choose the best game. The internet is providing lots of suggestions for this particular search. In case you want to play and an AR game then you should consider Jurassic World Alive. The game is designed and developed by adding a completely unique idea or concept.

With it, the players need to deal with two different types of funds in the game. Both types of funds can be collected by the in-game activities. For performing all these activities, the players are required to do hard work for getting proper and fruitful results. How to get free coins cash in Jurassic World Alive is the first question of all players. Now I’m going to answer it in the form of following points. And I am sure you will enjoy these Jurassic World Alive Cheats.

In-game offers

When you are enjoying the game then you can see different types of offers in it. All offers are tagged with some tasks or activities. It is a great option for the collection of a good amount of currency. All offers are also tagged with a number of funds. These funds can be claimed by them only by completing the offers. Mainly the offers are related to the game playing options with different types of challenges. Successfully completing the levels can help you in winning a good amount of funds.

Grab the supply drops

In the game, you can see various types of things. All things are beneficial in getting better results. Some of these factors are helpful in gathering a good amount of funds properly. The supply drops are playing a most important role in all these things. You can find these drops on the map during the search of DNA.

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The players are able to claim different types of things from these drops. It completely depends on the luck of players. They get the only incubator or they also get some coins.

Gather incubators for free

The game is also featured with different types of reward system. Some rewards are provided by the system completely free. It means for receiving these ones, the players are not required to put efforts or perform any type of activity. The biggest one is the free incubator. The players can get a free incubator after a specific time period. These specific incubators are including in-game funds only.

Put efforts for winning more battles

The players are required to participate in different types of battles. All battles are tagged with an amount of currency as reward. The players should try to win more battles. As a result, they can receive a big amount of currency in form of victory reward.


By following these Jurassic World Alive tricks, you can easily gather the required amount of funds. For the collection of a big amount, the players need to be focused on different ways. You cannot gather sufficient amount of currency only by following a single way. The players need to create a proper balance in all ways and perform activities properly.