Covet Fashion Tips, Tricks To Progress Faster!


Lots of fashion-based games are out there by the game industry where you can enhance your fashion designing or style skills.

Covet Fashion is one of them getting fame all over the world. in the game, a player needs to create and dress up an Avatar with in-game items.

Many outfits, brands, shoes, fashion material added in the game that you can purchase from the game store.

But for buying items ever, you need to earn in game currencies more. An individual can easily enjoy the game more, play smoothly, and can enhance various designing skills perfectly.

Also, the game offers multiple challenging tasks to the users, from which they can reduce all mental stress.

The game can be played on Android and iOS devices for free. Here we are going to discuss some tips and tricks to Covet Fashion game that helps you to progress and play faster like no one another can.

Play often

If you are a beginner in the Covet Fashion game, try to play two to three times a day. It helps you to understand all basics, controls, features, functions as well as the purpose of the game.

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Understating all necessary information allows you to enhance your performance besides getting a chance to become the greatest player ever. Also, performing this task seriously enables an individual to create winning strategies or designing tips.

Participate in a stylish spree

Every week there is a special event organized by the game named stylish spree. Winning this event offers an array of prizes, rewards, currencies, as well as a cool bonus to the users.

Every user needs to complete some essential parts or tasks to participate in the stylish spree. So, try to collect this event item or prizes in order to play efficiently. 

Shop correctly

Hundreds of traditional, as well as latest fashion material, is available in the game shop that you can purchase from added currencies.

Users are suggested to shop correctly for useful items without wasting money on unnecessary tasks or items.

It's hard to obtain in game currencies and easy to spend. So, all players are recommended to use all currencies wisely to win every challenge besides to become a pro player.

Don’t forget to see the details of the items correctly before purchasing it from the game shop. It allows you to enhance your playing performance, also mental skills.


All players of Covet Fashion game are allowed to rate each other work for motivation or prizes.

As per the choice of other players, they can rate each different Avatar correctly without facing any issue and can enjoy more.

Try to show more fashionable skills through the Avatar in order to gain more attention or achieving personal goals.

Getting high ratings means a player is spending more effort on the Avatar besides have a higher playing performance or vice versa.

You must learn about the rating system while playing the game as it helps gamers to receive an array of benefits, rewards, as well as cool prizes.

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